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How GalsTech began

It goes all the way back to 2016. I was asked by my former coworker, now friend, Orestes if I would like to speak at a Betabeers event in Pontevedra, Spain. I accepted. I was then asked to speak at the WTM event in Galicia by Orestes, and I again, accepted.

Thats me on the left with the weird leg pose

These two talks that I gave in 2016 is where it all began.

In 2017 I then offered to speak at the High School Developer Parade that GDG Vigo organised. After that talk I was asked if I would like to be part of the organisation team. I was SO thrilled (and still am) to be able to give back to the community!

Me in the middle among a group of very talented men

I think that those four points are what gave me enough courage, confidence and ideas to start GalsTech.

I was sitting by my laptop working and wondering why there were hardly any women attendees in the majority of the tech events I attended in Galicia. I was sure there were more women in tech out there but how could I reach them?

Then I tweeted about it. Honestly, I didn’t think that I would get much reach, but oh my for Galicia I got quite a bit of buzz!!

My best tweet ever! Jokes aside, I got 54 women to sign up. Where on earth were they all hiding?! So I had to do something with this information and these women. I decided to create a Slack group to share our thoughts and ideas.

My vision wasn’t very clear back then as to where I wanted GalsTech to go. We had written down our goals:

These are still our goals.

Over the past week I have had some issues internally and externally with the group. Issues I had never even considered, that is why I am writing this post today. Within the group I have experienced extreme/aggressive discourse and that is something I do NOT want within GalsTech. I am currently solving this issue.

Externally I have been told that this is a sexist group and exclusive. I was told this by several men… I have tried to explain to these people why this group is necessary. Why women are actually showing up to GalsTech events, why I cannot open this group to the whole public yet..

In an ideal world GalsTech wouldn’t have to exist, but unfortunately we live in a world where inequality exists and this group is intended to close that inequality gap, at least in the tech world. It’s my grain of sand to make the world a better place.

This is an incubation group so that we can safely join the rest of the community feeling confident and welcome!

I hope this clarifies a bit what we’re about!

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