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An ode to diversity

You and I. Or is it a mirror? Imagine we look the same, we think the same, we talk the same way, we like the same things, and we both hate cucumbers.


Worst idea in the world.

There is power and beauty in differences, diversity, and non-conformism. Being the same reeks of Jean Baudrillard’s simulacra: copy of a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy…

Instead, I propose to celebrate one’s uniqueness.

The world does not make it easy for us, does it? Not the world in itself but the people around us who need you to conform, look acceptable, follow the rules, guidelines, and policies so that THEY do not feel frightened or uncomfortable (and can label you). They need you to be just like everyone else, agree, nod, and smile. Look like a model, wear trendy stuff, speak in certain ways or… risk ostracism.

The corporate world is guilty of this with its dress and conduct codes. The fashion world is guilty of it with its straw-thin models (models!). The people in the street are guilty of it. We judge people, we label people, we give them names, and when they do not conform, we call them names. Why see people through the prism of their country, skin colour, religion, or the shape of their face. Why don’t we adopt only one filter instead?


I would like to serenade the non-standard, unusual, and non-conformist instead by offering several inspiring examples of people who have the courage to be themselves, no matter what sex, occupation or origin they are. They are beautiful because of that so why make them feel bad about it?

These are models:





This is a heavy metal musician:

This is a family:

This is a general:


This is a teacher:


This is a bishop:


This is a Cambridge-educated scientist:


This is a loving couple:


This is a professor:


This is a NASA scientist:


This is a swimmer:


Got it?

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