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Outside of the Elfin Town

After hundreds of years of living peacefully with the Elfins, the Elfin Kingdom’s residents have developed the ElfinCatcher, a device specifically used to capture and contain these magical creatures. The device allowed for a number of new activities.

In the Elfin Kingdom, players can choose their roles and shape their adventures accordingly. The Elfin Town is where most commercial transactions occur as most financial infrastructure is built on it, away from wild Elfins.

In the Elfin Town, players can find:

The Elfin Town’s residents work on farms to earn $ELFIN tokens, the native currency of the Kingdom. Productivity can be improved using tools, which can be exchanged in the Farmer’s Market, as can farmlands themselves.

As the population of Elfins grew in the Elfin Town, residents discovered they could seal their spirits into gems that can then be used to summon higher-level Elfins. A factory was created to do this process, and three levels of Elfins have been discovered: normal, rare, and legendary.

Residents can freely trade elfins in the Elfin Shop. As each Elfin is a unique non-fungible token (NFT), the ownership of Elfins can be easily verified and exchanged. Residents may want to exchange Elfins to get stronger ones they can take to battle, for example.

If their Elfins are wounded, they can be taken to the Elfin Hospital, where they are taken care of. For faster recoveries, potions can be bought for $KING tokens at the hospital.

The booming economy of the Elfin Town led to the creation of the Elfin Bank, where residents can save tokens, earn interest on them by lending them, or borrowing them from other residents. Mortgages can also be taken on Elfin Kingdom Assets.

The Elfin Kingdom isn’t just a small town where residents catch Elfins. Outside of it, adventurers are entering the Dojo and fighting each other or catching better and more skilled Elfins.

In the Dojo, residents fight each other’s Elfins and train them to get them to higher levels. Stronger Elfins allow them to get more income out of them and are worth more in the market. Stronger Elfins are also more useful in the Hall of Fame.

The Hall of Fame is where players earn badges for the town while battling wild Elfins. Taking all of this into account, we can see there’s a lot to do in the Elfin Kingdom, including lending and borrowing assets, minting NFTs, engaging in player versus player and player versus environment battles.

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