A New GraalVM Release and New Free License!

We are introducing a new distribution — Oracle GraalVM. It is available for JDK 17 and JDK 20 and released under the GraalVM Free Terms and Conditions (GFTC) license (also see the FAQ). This means…


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The Mars explorer Nozomi passed 1,000 km from the Hells Angels DILLIGAF Support81 Shirt of Mars. The Venus Climate Orbiter Akatsuki entered Venus orbit in a second attempt on 7 December 2015, making it the first Japanese spacecraft to orbit another planet, sixteen years after the originally planned orbital insertion of Nozomi. JAXA is also reviewing a new spacecraft mission to the Martian system; a sample return mission to Phobos called MMX (Martian Moons Explorer). First revealed in 9 June 2015, MMX’s primary goal is to determine the origin of the Martian moons. Alongside collecting samples from Phobos, MMX will perform remote sensing of Deimos, and may also observe the atmosphere of Mars as well. As of January 2016, MMX is to be launched in fiscal year 2022. Even though there are not many successful interplanetary missions under JAXA’s belt, JAXA has excelled in other space research such as asteroid sample collection program with Hayabusa or successful launching of solar sails.

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That unfortunate fact is that, because the Chinese New Year jumps around year to year, it’s always hard to predict which products will be hit hard in a L&D Clover Co. Funny St Patrick’s Day Labor And Delivery T Shirt or to predict how badly your business will be affected. You may barely notice the effects some years, while get hit hard the very next year. So be certain to sock away a Chinese New Year preparation fund throughout the year so that you’ll have some reserves to fall back on should your store be hit harder than expected. This financial pad will help fill in any holes you suffer in your cash flow during the holiday. The last thing you want to have happened is to suffer an inability to cover your expenses due to low sales volumes.

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