How GalsTech began

It goes all the way back to 2016. I was asked by my former coworker, now friend, Orestes if I would like to speak at a Betabeers event in Pontevedra, Spain. I accepted. I was then asked to speak at…


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On The Netpreneurship Track

The Review Tuff

This is a journey and like every journey you get to some point where you stop for checks. That’s what today was about.

Honestly, I left the hub yesterday feeling really on top of things as the post I made yesterday would have pointed towards. It prepared me for what was coming today, I confess.

Arriving at the hub before every other person except the Lieutenant who was at the gate waiting for God knows who. An old acquaintance now: having spent about three weeks together on this netpreneurship track.

We exchanged pleasantries and greetings in the form most known to us-firm handshake was involved. After a little chat he decided to step out while I stepped up, after all, na only me waka come (Nigerian slang)

The regular five flights of stairs awaited me as it was the tradition boldly tattooed even before the door way to the stair way,

Being the first to climb up I had to wait for everyone else to come up and as if by commanded by someone no one knows who, people started trooping in. My fellow fellows coming in their numbers. Now, the wait had some stories of recent happenings both within and outside the hub to go with it until eventually the door was opened and we all moved in.

We had to wait for some minutes for our Captain to arrive and when he did we knew he was in. We were greeted with a one of kind assignment. What was the assignment?

Everybody should climb down the building, memorize all the written quotes we have on each floor and come tell me the quote and our understanding of it.

I thought it was a joke but, the captain is not one that is fond of jokes so I pocketed my thought in one of the compartments and moved down with the company. That was the beginning of the day’s parade.

By the time we came back and met the captain again I was grateful for my action as I was able to do my drill well. I thought that was the end. But, it was not.

As if today is Captain’s review day.

Ah, I did it yesterday, it was tasking though, creating about thirty pages and customizing each was not easy. But, it paid off today as I smiled to the Captain when it was my turn. Fired up my Xampp and started shooting down the pages o n e b y o n e.

At the end, it was a great day eventually and I learnt quite a lot from the reviews as it gave me opportunity to get feedback from the Captain. It was a good reinforcement.

The review tuff is not an easy tuff but, it was worth it. It was all fun today; every experience sparked something new in me.

***It is a Netpreneur Thing***

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