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God Communicating With Man

Does God speak? If yes, how, and why does He speak?

On an international flight, there was a woman with two kids; the youngest, a baby less than 1-year-old, was quite tetchy for most of the flight. A lot of times, he yelled and kicked, and she was lost — she just did not know what to do. Try as she may, the boy kept shouting and kicking. After a while, he slept off. When he woke up, the yelling and kicking resumed!

Eventually, as the baby became more aggressive, other passengers who were irritated asked the baby’s mother to take off the jacket she had clad the baby with. Initially, she objected because of the cabin temperature, but as the baby grew even more aggressive and having tried everything else, she took off the baby’s jacket.

As soon as the child’s jacket was taken off, the noise ceased, the baby stopped fidgeting, and everywhere was tranquil! Just like that!

In trying to communicate with babies, the adults in their lives attempt a trial-and-error approach. So, when a baby cries, the default is, “Feed the baby.” However, when the baby rejects the food, then a flurry of other plausible reasons come into play: Has the baby wet or soiled the diaper? Does the baby want to sleep? Should we pick her up and walk around? Have we burped the baby? And so on.

New parents are easily overwhelmed with baby care mainly due to the challenge of understanding what their baby is trying to communicate with them.

Some communication lessons we learn here are:

1. If you do not know what someone is communicating with you, you cannot achieve much concerning meeting their needs, just as the mother in question could not meet her baby’s need because she did not know what he wanted!

2. If you judge the needs of others based on your perceptions, you will be unable to meet their needs, just as the mother in question…

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